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Peek-A-Roo Interactive Panda-Roo Plush Toy

Peek-A-Roo Interactive Panda-Roo Plush Toy

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Interactive Peek-A-Roo and Mystery Baby
Introducing Peek-A-Roo and Baby! Momma-Roo features a magical interactive pouch with a surprise baby reveal and over 150 sounds and actions. Inside her pouch, discover 1 of 3 mystery babies: Violet, Rosie, or Bluebell! Pet, tickle, and bounce Momma-Roo to encourage Baby-Roo to reveal herself. The way you play with Momma-Roo changes baby’s mood! You’ll have so much fun discovering all 10 moods. Baby-Roo may pop out of the pouch sleepy, bouncy, playful, and more, with matching sound effects for every mood! Once baby is out of the pouch, play over 10 games and songs with Momma-Roo and Baby. Play hide-and-seek, Catch Me, a bouncing game and more, and listen to mom and baby sing together – you can change the harmony by moving Baby-Roo to Momma-Roo’s head, cheek, or pouch! Play with Momma-Roo and Baby-Roo again and again!